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Here's a random dump, SoC entry if I ever wrote one.

I like the TV series Bones. Forensic anthropology fascinates me. Maybe I should have pursued it as a career. Then again, I also wanted to pursue botany, and cosmology, and psychology. Too many things have always fascinated me. So I wound up a professor of ancient Roman schtuff at a tiny private college. Oh well.

Things could be WAY worse, so I don't complain. So many of my old friends, i.e. high school ones, are in dead end situations. Still back up in Syracuse working cashier positions (for example), or simply unemployed. They're either unmarried or divorced. One is freshly re-married... to a biker, but bikers are cool folks, so I'm happy for her! Others are still living at 'home', albeit in their 40s with either dying r dead parents. My own are still alive, but on the edge looking over. I wish they weren't 800 miles away. They do have within walking distance -- which is a feat since the tiny town where I grew up and they still live is population 300 and 10 miles from the nearest clutch of huts -- my 2 half-sisters and my nephew/little brother (another story to be sure). My eldest half-sister rocks. She quit school and took off in her teens, became an apprentice butcher, got her GED, went to community college to become some functionary in the medical field, and has since become an LPN and is working toward an RN. My other half-sister got knocked up at age 14 by a dude headed off to Vietnam. She quit school then and my parents, the boy's grandparents, raised him as their own. I was 8 at the time, so I turned out to be more big brother than uncle. He is 38 now, just lost his 3rd wife... all by divorce. There are 2 children involved, and it's a mess. A juvie of 14 and a waif of 2. My parents, his grandparents, their great-grandparents are rather stuck with dealing with it all. If I were there I'd be forced into the grand mediator of the fiasco.

All I can think of is Sophocles.

As for me, not so good. Going back to work after my sabbatical hasn't been so bad. I have 3 classes this semester. They're all good, except for one or two worry cases in each. It's college, so they need to shift for themselves, or at least learn to. I used to have this hideous Jesus complex where I'd bend over backwards to help them. I've ultimately learned that coddling does then no good in the long run. Kind of Darwinian in a way. If you don't belong in college then you don't belong in college. Fight for it or move to other options. There are many!

My most recent issue is a health one. A few weeks ago my knees started getting stiff, especially in the morning, and hurt like hell when I tried to walk.. Then my elbows and shoulders joined the game. Now wrists and ankles are starting and a couple fingers are swollen and painful to bend. So I hurt to stand, sit, or move. Sam gave me some vicodin, but they don't help. Lying down also hurts. Adjusting position helps a little, but the more fetal I get the more painful unfetalling is. No win.

It could be rheumatoid or psoriatic. Either way I'm fucked.

Speaking of fucked, the L-O has been out of town since Wednesday. I could have 'entertained', but haven't. Part is the pain I'm in. Part is that these bp meds I'm on leave me limp. Spirit's willing, but the flesh is limp. Nary a physical stir, no matter how much porn I ogle or fondle myself. Last night I had my fleshlight ready in case I woke up with a boner. I did, got the fl ready, then lost it. I'm far too oversexed for this shit to be going on.

Having a 4th dog in the pack has been easier than I feared. She's still a pain, but could be a way bigger one!

I ought to make an effort at getting some work done, so I'm off....



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